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The Cacao Palace Restaurant serves daily Malaysian fusion cuisine and Western ala carte, besides nightly steamboat buffet, monthly special meal promotion, Chinese set menu, Supper set menu and Room service menu. It has Halal License from JAKIM. It is an ideal place for both the formal and informal dining as well as business lunches.

As part of our mission of "Commitment to Excellence", the Cacao Palace Restaurant provides a host of dining experiences ranging from its renowned sea-food, local fruits to one and only cocoa meals and desserts. Perhaps it is the only restaurant in town serving a sea product called "Eucheuma", a vegetarian health food rich in iodine, vitamin A and essential elements such as calcium, sodium and magnesium. This type of food helps to prevent thyroidism, sepsis, reduce hair loss and cholesterol, prevents thrombosis in blood vessel, diuretic, curative powers for neck pain, oedema and diet for astronauts. Eucheuma can be served in various forms such as Rainbow Eucheuma tart, Pancake Jala & Lemon sauce, Hoko Prawn Cocktail, Lemonade with Eucheuma, ice-cream papaya milk shake with Eucheuma, Eucheuma special pudding and Sweet Pearage.
Exotic? You bet!

The Cacao Palace Restaurant also specializes in outside hotel food catering services for professional, corporate, government and private function and event.

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